The Corner Stable is a family owned and operated restaurant in Cockeysville since 1972. This restaurant is known for having Baltimore’s best baby back ribs and colossal lump crab cakes. The Corner Stable emphasizes the importance of a “home” atmosphere paired with exceptional comfort food. Every Monday to Thursday, the restaurant offers unique carryout specials. Not only does The Corner Stable offer catering services, but customers can also ship their ribs and crab cakes to friends and family across the country.

This restaurant in Cockeysville was featured on Food Network’s TV series Guilty Pleasures. In the featured episode, they showcased a Maryland themed take on surf-n-turf called “The Showstopper”. This dish features a half-pound crab cake dipped in an egg mixture, seasoned with Old Bay, and baked until golden brown. To go along with the crab cake, the dish also includes a full rack of baby back ribs.

In 2011, The Corner Stable introduced a second store, located in the Kings Contrivance Village Center in Columbia.

Click here to visit The Corner Stable’s website and learn more about their services. On their website, you can schedule a reservation and avoid wait times if you plan on visiting. You may also create shipping, catering, and carryout orders through the website.