About Santé Wellness Spa

Santé Wellness Spa is a local medical IV spa in Westminster, MD. This spa offers a range of services that can boost your immune system, burn fat, fight fatigue, hydrate, ease nausea, support age management, and more!

Santé Wellness Spa is owned and operated by Tina Rosensteel, RN BSN. Tina has been an Emergency Department Nurse for 20 years, certified in Advanced Life Support for both adults and pediatrics. She is also certified in adult and pediatric trauma.

Tina also has experience as a Flight Nursing and Forensic Investigations. It was time for a change of pace, so Tina opened Santé Wellness Spa and is now certified in IV Therapy, micro needling and Botox.

Mary Turner, CRNP is the Medical Director for Santé Wellness Spa. She oversees all of the medication and wellness management of each client. Mary has been an Emergency Department Nurse for 20+ years, as well as a volunteer paramedic.

Mary also has a growing primary care practice in the office right next to Santé Wellness Spa in addition to being the Medical Director for Santé Wellness Spa.

Santé Wellness Spa is licensed and insured to provide the best care possible. Both Tina and Mary take pride in health care management and are looking forward to providing well rounded wellness care to the community.

If you’re interested in medical IV services, check out Santé Wellness Spa in Westminster, MD! Click here to visit their website and learn more.